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An Ocean Between Us - SOLD OUT
  • An Ocean Between Us - SOLD OUT

    Seen through the eyes of a sailor at sea on an international containership, An Ocean Between Us by Martin Machado reveals the connections that link modern ocean commerce to the maritime endeavors of European colonialists. The book's text alternates between short stories, poems and art works. It is typographical inspired by the Captain Cook Adventure Logs of the 1700's and the art work is reminiscent of old master book engravings.
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    • Details

      The very limited edition of 15 copies is printed damp on Rives BFK paper from Monotype and hand-set Caslon types. The images are printed from photopolymer plates. At 15” x 11” in size, it is 40 pages in length. It is hardbound in black cloth foil stamped in copper with an original illustration. Like all Prototype books, it is cast, printed and bound by the press. The price is $1,000.
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