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Me, Myself and the Monkeyface Eel Reserved Edition
  • Me, Myself and the Monkeyface Eel Reserved Edition

    From the dank holes and fetid shores of Kirk Lombard's mind comes a deeply strange book, part memoir, part how-to, and part poetry, all teaching of his dealings with learning how to catch -- and use to its full potential -- the storied Monkeyface Eel from in and around the shores of the San Francisco Bay. Lombard's text is paired with artist Leighton Kelly's linoleum carvings, which illustrate the book throughout. This first edition is The Prototype Press' first publication.
    • Details

      A reserved edition of 25 is printed entirely on paper handmade from the University of Iowa, and is half-bound in Monkeyface Eel leather, caught and skinned by the publishers with the assistance of the author. The cover papers were handmade with seaweed and cotton rag by Shotwell Paper Mill and hand-dyed by the publishers. The multi-colored endsheets were printed from a reduction linoleum cut by the press. A 12’’x18’’ original relief print from linoleum, by Leighton Kelly, accompanies each copy of this special edition. The appendices were printed on paper handmade by the publishers with the help of Shotwell Paper Mill in San Francisco. The paper bears the watermark of Shotwell, as well a fishing hook, added specially for the project. The reserved edition comes in a book box foil stamped with an illustration by Leighton Kelly.
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